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The Buckingham School

Year 11 - Resources

The school recently held its inaugural ‘Year 11 Support Your Child’ evening, where our amazing staff were on hand to provide support and information on how best to support students through their GCSE journey.

We are proud of our progress as a school and the examination results from Summer 2022 demonstrate perfectly what awaits our current Year 11 students, if they give Year 11 their absolute best and take every opportunity that our wonderful staff offer them. There is so much support that is available and our support services in school are here to help.

Last year’s GCSE students proved that ‘Success really is for All’. We will do everything in our power to give our current Year 11 students the same, if not better, preparation for their examinations.

The evening featured presentations from:

  • Mr Wardle (Deputy Headteacher) - Year 11 timeline, what to expect and additional opportunities for students.
  • Mrs Devlin (Head of Year 11) - The importance of attendance and advice on the pastoral support available.
  • Miss Townes (Blended Learning Coordinator) - The use of technology to support learning.

In addition, Curriculum Leaders from English, Maths and Science provided information on the core subject areas, key areas to focus on, top tips and tricks about revision and preparing for each subject, and also where to source additional support from various sources.

For all the information provided during the evening, please click on the links below.

Preparing for Exams Booklet
Preparing Your Child for GCSEs - Jan 23
Spring Mock Exam Timetable for Years 11 & 13
Summer Series Exam Timetable - 2023