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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

Our Uniform

As we want everyone associated with The Buckingham School to be proud of its achievements, we believe that a visual sense of belonging to a community is important, and, to this end, we require that school uniform is worn by our students. Parental support is vital in this, and we hope that the uniform is both practical and reasonable.

By choosing The Buckingham School, it is assumed that both parents and students are accepting our insistence on the wearing of school uniform.

Please note: Items may be purchased from department stores but may not be acceptable as part of school uniform and parents are advised to check with the School before purchase. Information on the purchase of uniform and ties will be available as part of the induction information.

It is advisable to have a sensible dark plain outdoor coat or jacket (not leather or denim or 'hoody'/tracksuit tops/sweatshirt or materials that look like any of these)

School Uniform and Policy

A summary of the School's refreshed school uniform and policy is as follows: 

Following consultation, we are happy to confirm the following:

  • Our uniform will migrate to featuring the School’s new logo
  • Our preferred uniform supplier will be Uniform Direct – recognising the quality, price and customer service that they have a track record of supplying to their 500 current schools
  • At a glance, our main uniform will not change much going forward
  • We have taken the opportunity to introduce more “generic” items, allowing families to obtain many uniform items from wherever they choose
  • This is also the case for PE uniform, we do not want kit prices to be a barrier to enjoying PE and sport
  • Black remains the colour of the uniform, as the suggestion of changing to grey was not popular
  • Skirts will change to a plain black pleated skirt, worn to touch the knee – kilts received mixed reviews for their look, and much unpopularity because of their cost, and a sense we could be trying to be like other schools
  • There are only three items that families must buy from Uniform Direct going forward, because they will bear the School’s logo: blazer, house tie, PE T-shirt
  • Some further PE items bearing the School’s logo will be available from Uniform Direct, but they will not be compulsory

From September 2023:

New Year 7 and Year 8 students wear the new uniform in full. 

Years 9-11 are allowed to wear any existing items of uniform for as long as they fit and are in good condition. This is because of the need to avoid wasting money and environmental responsibility.

Parents buying replacement items should bear in mind which items are not allowed from September 2023 (all generic items that do not bear the school’s logo will be expected to be in line from this date – jumpers, skirts, PE uniform, etc)

We would like to clarify that from September 2023, hoodies will not be allowed for any students, including Sixth Form, for PE or otherwise.

Our Uniform Policy is explicit about the School’s intention to confiscate items from students who show disregard for our rules and standards. The new Policy is also explicit that we expect students to have a note to explain why they are not wearing correct uniform on a given day. We will contact home if a student does not have a note.

All unbranded items must follow the Uniform Policy; the most obvious change is skirts must be pleated, knee-length and worn to the knee.


Further Thoughts About Uniform Standards

As a school, we passionately value the education that we provide. We are very proud of the achievements that we have made in improving the quality of education in recent years. We are even prouder that these improvements continue, at a pace.

In completing this consultation, the Governors of our school reiterated their commitment to uniform, for all the reasons stated in our Policy.

We encourage our students to demonstrate that they have pride in their school, that they value their education and that they recognise that they are so fortunate to live in a country where education is a right, and is provided free of charge to them all.

We would welcome your further support in encouraging your children to show the community how proud they are, in how they choose to wear our uniform on the way to and from school.