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Types of Level 3 Courses

A Levels

Short for Advanced Level, A Levels are Level 3 academic qualifications.

They usually focus on academic subjects and are highly valued by both employers and universities so they can open up lots of doors to further study and careers.

A-levels are studied over two years and they are assessed by a series of exams. If you enjoy academic learning and want to study a broad range of subjects, they could be the perfect option for you.

You will chose a maximum of three subjects at either A Level, BTEC  or a mixture of both.

A-levels help you keep your options open and are worth thinking about if you know you want to go to university. They are valued by universities, and also employers. Some universities require A-levels for certain courses and they won’t accept vocational qualifications.

Vocational Courses

These are Level 3 vocational qualifications. They usually contain a mixture of both coursework and examination components.

You can enter university with these qualifications and most universities are very happy to accept them.

Vocational courses have been developed in partnership with employers and professional and trade organisations, which means that you’ll be learning the skills that employers want . You will develop real-life skills as well as learning theory, and there will be a more practical approach compared to traditional courses.

They are ideal preparation for practical degree courses, for example: sports science, business management, IT Systems or nursing. They are also a fantastic springboard on to apprenticeship degrees, apprenticeships and the workplace.