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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

Travelling by School Bus

If you travel to and from school by a school bus:

Arriving at school

When you alight from the bus, please make your way quickly and safely to the school gates, clearing the way for the next bus to arrive. Please do not stand around outside the front of the school. If you have arranged to meet someone, meet them on the playground or, if it is raining, you will have access to a number of rooms within the main building.

Leaving school

All students travelling home by dedicated school bus must go to the MUGA where they will be supervised by our Senior Leadership Team. When their bus arrives and is ready in the lay-by at the front of the school, the students will be escorted to their bus by a member of SLT. If you catch a service bus on the London Road, teachers will be there to make sure that you cross the road safely using the traffic islands.

School Transport

By law, the Council must provide school bus services for those pupils who are eligible for free transport. The Council runs school buses where required for children who qualify.

Link to information on School Transport