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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

Summer Project Work

Please find below the Summer Projects set by Sixth Form teachers. The purpose of setting these projects is to get you involved in thinking and researching your chosen options over the summer. To  keep your minds active and engaged so when joining in September you will already have researched and read around your subject giving you a great head start for the upcoming term.

Art A Level 

Year 12 Summer Work 2023 file  

Biology A Level 

Biology A Level Summer Work

Business BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Business

Transition Work for Business Studies Year 11 into Year 12

Chemistry A Level 

Chemistry A Level Summer Work


Criminology Summer Work 

Drama A Level

Drama A Level Summer Work
Steven Berkoff Fact File 

English A Level 

English Language A Level Summer Work

English Literature A Level Summer Work 

Extended Project Qualification

EPQ Summer Work 

French A Level 

French A Level Summer Work

Health & Social Care BTEC

Transition Work for Health & Social Care

History A Level

Year 12 Summer Pre-Start Task: The Early Tudors

Year 12 Summer Project: Democracy and Dictatorships in Germany 1919-1963

Maths A Level 

Maths A Level Summer work - read this first

1a-1 Expanding brackets and simplifying expressions
1a-2 Surds
1a-3 Rules of Indices
1b-1 Factorising expressions
1b-2 Completing the square
1b-3 Solving quadratic equations
1b-4 Sketching quadratic graphs
1c-1 Solving linear simultaneous equations
1c-2 Solving linear and quadratic simultaneous equations
1c-3 Solving simultaneous equations graphically
1d-1 Linear inequalities
1d-2 Quadratic inequalities
1e Sketching cubic and reciprocal graphs
1f Translating graphs
2a-1 Straight line graphs
2a-2 Parallel and perpendicular lines
2a-3 Pythagoras theorem
2a-4 Proportion
2b Circle theorems
4a Trigonometry
6a Rearranging equations
6b Volume and surface area of 3D shapes
7b Area under a graph

18a 9MA0 Practice Test 1 - GCE questions for GCSE Higher tier
18b 9MA0 Practice Test 1 - GCE questions for GCSE Higher tier - Answers

Music BTEC 

Music BTEC Summer Work 

Photography A Level 

Photography A Level Summer Work

Physics A Level

Physics A Level Summer Work

Psychology A Level 

Summer preparation for Year 12 Psychology

Spanish A Level

Spanish A Level Summer Work