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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

School Nurse 

How can I contact my School Health Nurse?

Annette Howlin is the Named Nurse for your School. To contact her phone: 01280 826982

This is the number for the School Health Nurses Office. Feel free to leave a message or speak to another member of the team who  may be able to help you. She will be in touch as soon as possible on her next working day.

School Nurses and their team assist pupils and families through difficult periods in their lives providing information and support to improve health and well being. As part of a multi-agency team we also help young people feel secure by prioritising and safeguarding their welfare. We offer confidential advice and healthcare to students and their families and guide pupils to the best sources of specialised support to maximise their long-term wellbeing.

We also contribute to national public health campaigns, for example, immunisation programmes, smoking cessation and obesity strategies.

School nursing provides a universal service of advice to all school aged children with specialised support dependant on needs.

Whilst we would like to offer our range of services to all pupils, in reality resources are allocated to individual pupils according to the priority of their needs. We work alongside Health Visitors to provide a coordinated response to the needs of families of school aged children.