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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

School Houses

The Buckingham School’s House system gives a real sense of belonging, and it allows students to develop important and personal relationships. Every student is assigned a House. The House system creates competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together. 

Each House has its own identity and its own House colour, this is symbolised by each House having their own House tie which clearly maintains the school colours and logo, but also highlights and shows which House each student represents. Each House also has a Head of House and their brief is to instil belonging and pride in the Houses, extending our House competitions far beyond the Inter-House sport that already takes place.

We have appointed staff to lead our six Houses – their brief is to instil belonging and pride in the Houses, extending our House competitions far beyond the inter-house sport that already takes place. After consulting the students, we have renamed the Houses too, so that they can have permanent, locally connected names.

  • Chandos House. Head of House is Mr Ribbans 

In Chandos House we embody the spirit of the School Virtues and strive to be the best, challenging ourselves on a daily basis and never giving up. Above all, as a House Leader, I ensure that whatever we do, it is with decorum and the upmost respect.

We aim to perform the best we can in and outside of the classroom, as every positive point adds to the total number of our House points. 

Our first year as a House has brought many successes, whether that be competing in individual House competitions, progress in the classroom or outside of school, we have created an atmosphere that allows students to flourish. In the first year of the new House system, Chandos House won the House Cup. 

Stand by and represent what the House stands for: Belong, Believe, Achieve.

House Origin: Our House history dates back to between the 18th/19th century. The first Duke of Buckingham was Richard Temple‑Nugent‑Brydges‑Chandos‑Grenville. He was a strong landowner and politician in the local area.   

  • Claydon House. Head of House is Mrs Ribbans

Claydon House stands for dedication, hard work, glory and passion. With these key components we are destined for greatness! We strive to be the best versions of ourselves by promoting and embedding the School Virtues in everything we do.

In Claydon House, we wear a white House tie, wear our uniform with pride and try hard every day to ensure the highest standards are met, earning House points for our team along the way! 

Our short term goal is to gain as many House points through lessons, competitions and extra curricular activities as we can, meaning we can work towards our longer term goal…to WIN the House Cup! How amazing it will be to see the House Cup stood in all its glory wearing the ribbons of white around its handles and representing all the greatness of Claydon House.  Let’s hope we see you wearing the famous white tie when you embark on your journey with The Buckingham School.

We are affiliated with two wonderful charities chosen by students in Claydon; Cancer Research UK and Florence Nightingale Hospice.

House Origin: The House is named after the Beautiful Claydon House, situated near the small village of Middle Claydon. Florence Nightingale was a resident where she carried out her nursing duties during the World War.

  • Silverstone House.  Head of House is Miss Hare

This year Silverstone House will continue to strive to do our best in competitions, working together to utilise all of our talents. We will also endeavour to try our best in lessons and in the wider community of the school and for our charities.

Silverstone is the House that YOU want to be in. Last year, students did fantastically well in competitions. Silverstone came first in "Buckingham's Got Talent", in the Science competition, the MFL competition and the Maths competition. Students worked together and played to their strengths. All students bring something unique to our House. What we need to work now is demanding deserved House points for hard work in lessons and for all the extra-curricular activities that we do. One of our mottos is "Respect, Perseverance and Integrity" and we are certainly going to persevere this year to drive up the leader board together as the best team. Silverstone House has chosen to support two charities with important causes. 'Centrepoint' is a charity which supports young homeless people and 'Brain Tumour Research' fundraises for research into a cancer which proportionally affects more young people than any other cancer. Throughout the year, each form will be fundraising for these life-changing charities.

House Origin: Silverstone House is named after Silverstone, a nearby village which is next to Silverstone Circuit, the home of the British Grand Prix.

  • Stowe House. Head of House is Mr Wise 

Stowe House is for winners! We think positively, act confidently and do our talking on the fields of battle. In and out of the classroom, we thrive for victory and never give up. We are gracious in defeat and fierce in the fight. We are the loudest and proudest House in the school and we wear our House tie with absolute pride. Last year, we came 2nd overall and did fantastically well in sporting events and in House points. This year, Stowe House will strive to win more competitions and be the House Winners of 2020.  

House Origin: Stowe House is named after Stowe House and gardens, situated in Stowe a few miles outside of Buckingham.

  • Swan House.  Head of House is Mrs Wallace 

Welcome to Swan House. My name is Mrs Wallace and I am proud to be the head of the BEST House at The Buckingham School! Our House has the Motto 'Strength, Unity, Perseverance and Pride' and each member of our House embodies these attributes.

Swan House in inclusive and passionate about raising money for our charities. Our local Charity is The Buckingham Youth Club which many of our students benefit from using the facilities of.  Our National Charity is WWF as we are huge animal lovers and have adopted a Snow Leopard with funds we have raised. We would like to extend a warm welcome to any future members of Swan House, get ready to be part of something special!

Our House in inclusive and we strive to be the best versions of ourselves each and every day. Go Swans!

House Origin: Buckinghamshire’s County emblem of a swan can be seen consistently throughout the area and that is why we have chosen a Swan to be out name and House representation.

  • Whittlebury House. Head of House is Ms Lewis

Whittlebury House is striving to achieve a cohesive community who will endeavour to be taught, learn and be curious about the wider community and School Ethos.

Our House supports a local charity and also a national charity. With this in mind, we want to; not only raise money but awareness among our students and local community.  Everything we strive for is to achieve our motto ‘In Whittlebury We Win!’ Team spirit is our ethos and nobody stands alone.

Throughout our launch year, we entered all the competitions across the year groups and this year, all students will take part in at least one competition; supporting each other throughout. We are the best!  As a House we have won several competitions this year and also the coveted Sports day overall winners; with two of our year groups also coming in first place.  We are immensely proud and all the effort our House teams have put into achieving their own goals. This year will be the best yet. So let’s do this Whittlebury and remember In Whittlebury We Win!

House Origin: The beautiful local South Northamptonshire village of Whittlebury.

Let the competitions begin!