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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

Media Studies

Key Stage Four Media Studies (GCSE)

Media Studies will introduce students to a wide range of media texts and platforms and allow them to develop their understanding of how media products are developed, created and produced. They will study the media industry and the different audiences for media products as well as aspects of production such as audio, lighting, costuming and budget and finance. 

Across the course, students will plan and develop their own products including short films, radio shows and magazines and learn how to complete risk assessment paperwork, finance plans, shooting schedules and scripts and storyboards. They will also learn about the codes and conventions of different genres of product and explore an industry which is worth £977 billion worldwide. 

The course will encompass a range of group, pair and individual work and aims to build a detailed theoretical knowledge as well as developing a range of practical and technical skills.

The course can lead to an ‘A’ Level in Media and Film. It can then be used to progress to university courses with a base in media, journalism of film studies or to apply for work experiences and apprenticeships in media firms.

This media course requires strong literacy levels and writing ability. All written exams require essay style responses.   Parents can help support students by exploring a range of media texts, including film, TV, newspaper and magazine articles.

GCSE Media Exam:

  • Component 1: Exploring the Media Written examination 40% of qualification
  • Component 2: Understanding Media forms and Products Written examiniation 30% of qualification


  • Component 3: Creating Media Products Non-exam assessment 30% of qualification

Key Stage Five Media (A Level) 

Whether we know it or not, like it or not; the modern world is dominated by the media. Every waking moment we are being bombarded with adverts for everything from soap products to charities and films. Newspaper moguls control what we read, the way we vote and even the way we think. Social Media and the online world keep us addicted and absorbed to the point where it is possible to live our lives without leaving a computer or phone screen.

So how did we get here? The Media acts as a curtain, hiding the real world from view while using its own language to construct their own reality so we only see the version that is presented to us. As Media students we explore how the media has become increasingly powerful over the last 70 years and examine how accurate these versions of reality really are.  

Media students are being trained to question the world as it is being presented to them. You will learn how to read the language used and interpret the meaning so that you can comment on the accuracy of the representations and the reasons behind them.

You will also delve into the world of the media industries and explore how Film, TV and Newspapers find and appeal to their audiences.

If you are happy to accept the world as it is presented to you in the media - a world in which women are just objects of desire for men, ethnic minorities are treated as inferior because of the colour of their skin and Donald Trump is the savour of the world - then this isn’t the course for you. But… If you take media be prepared to peak behind the curtain with an open mind to explore how and why the media controls ideas and manipulates the truth. You will be expected to challenge and comment; criticise and praise and enjoy exploring the industries at the heart of our society.