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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School


Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8)

In Key Stage 3 students follow a course that uses the Schools History Project (SHP) approach to History teaching. This approach involves giving students a secure grounding in key historical skills, such as undertaking historical enquiry, analysing evidence and understanding different interpretations of the past.  The Project strives for a History curriculum which encourages children and young people to become curious, to develop their own opinions and values based on a respect for evidence, and to build a deeper understanding of the present by engaging with and questioning the past.  This work is then built on in Key Stages 4 and 5, to ensure that all History students have a good grounding in the skills needed to get the most out of their History studies.

Year 7

In Year 7 students cover the following topics:

  • Everyday Life
  • Power and Democracy
  • Cooperation and Conflict
  • 20th Century USA
  • Crime and Punishment Through Time
  • From Aristotle to the Atom: Scientific Discoveries that Changed the World

Year 8

In Year 8 students cover the following topics:

  • Movement and Settlement
  • Empires
  • LGBT History Month
  • England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales
  • How Typical is Warwick Castle?
  • Who is the Most Significant Briton?

Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 and 11)

In Years 9, 10 and 11 students follow the Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History specification.  Topics covered are:

  • Medicine in Britain, c1250–present and The British sector of the Western Front, 1914–18: injuries, treatment and the trenches
  • Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, c1060–88
  • The American West, c1835–c1895
  • Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918–39

Key Stage 5 (Years 12 and 13)

A Level History

Years 12 and 13 students follow the OCR GCE History A specification.  Topics covered are:

  • England 1547-1603: the Later Tudors
  • The USA in the 19th Century: Westward Expansion and Civil War 1803-c.1890
  • Popular Culture and the Witchcraze of the 16th and 17th Centuries
  • Topic based essay (coursework)