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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

Film Studies 

Key Stage Five (A Level)

As a student of cinema you will learn to become an ‘active reader’ of film as opposed to a passive viewer - you will be able to comment on stylistic trends of films from different directors, time periods and countries.

As the world’s most popular art form, Film has the power to transport audiences to new or old worlds, critique society or simply entertain - it is impossible to overestimate the influence that the film industry has had on 20th Century society and culture. In the course of your studies you will learn just how powerful and dangerous film can be.

During the course, you will get the chance to explore the wide range of films out there;  from contemporary blockbusters such as La La Land to classic greats (Casablanca), obscure British masterpieces (Under the Skin) and beautiful foreign language (Pan’s Labrynth). This is your opportunity to broaden your cinematic horizons and get an A level in a subject you are passionate about while you are at it.

Film students need to love film!  You should enjoy watching and discussing films and be keen to develop your experience beyond the mainstream and into different genres. 

In lessons, you will watch an extensive range of films and learn how to analyse and discuss them. You will give presentations, write essays and contribute to class discussions.

You will be expected to undertake extensive research into a variety of films, from different time periods, countries, and stylistic movements. In return you will get teachers who are knowledgeable about all film styles and genres and who are arguably even more geeky about film than you are!