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For Current Year 7 Students (Year 8 from Autumn Term 2021)

Thank you for your patience and bearing with us whilst we finalise the details of our Chromebook Purchase Scheme.  As you are aware, we are asking that with effect from the Autumn Term 2021, all Year 8 (current Year 7) students have their own Chromebook to use in school during lessons and at home for extended learning. 

We have negotiated extensively with our Scheme Partner, Academia, who are able to provide an educational device at an affordable price with all the technology that your child will need.  The device we have chosen, which we feel best fits our requirements, is the Lenovo 300e as it is specifically tailored for educational use.  It is not available to purchase from the high street (eg. Currys) and therefore, can only be purchased through this scheme. 

The Lenovo 300e (educational device) is a particularly robust, with a rugged shell as well as an anti-spill and anti-tamper keyboard that will help prolong durability.  It is also equipped with a touch screen and front and rear cameras (known as a world-facing camera) to enable it to be used extensively in Drama, Music and English role- play lessons.  We anticipate that this device will last students until at least Year 11 and beyond. 

The cost to purchase this Chromebook, along with the necessary Chromebook Licence, is £310.24.

You will be able to place your order via a dedicated online Portal. Further details on how to access the portal will be provided to you shortly.

In addition to the Chromebook and Chromebook Licence, we would also strongly urge you to consider purchasing, should your budget allow:

  • A sleeve to protect your device whilst in transit between lessons and home:  A plain black sleeve is available to purchase through Academia priced at £9.84, inc VAT, alternatively, you may wish to purchase your own elsewhere. 
  • Accidental Damage and Theft Insurance: Academia are offering Accidental Damage Insurance for £90, inc VAT, which will cover the device for 3 yearsPlease note that if you choose to take Academia’s Accidental Damage Insurance, the device must be protected by a case or bag and this protective cover must be one of their approved products.  Please refer to the following for details of the full cover provided:  
  • Please note that the insurance approved Max Case is priced at £31.57 inc VAT.  It may be worth checking if this would be covered under your Home Insurance Policy
  • Extended Warranty: Academia are offering an Extended 3-Year Warranty for £34.20, inc VAT.

There are a number of purchasing options available, which are outlined below. These have been designed to ensure that all pupils, whatever the situation at home, can benefit from this Chromebook Scheme.  For both Options 1 and 2 below, you have the choice to pay in one single payment with a Credit or Debit card or to spread the cost over 12, 24 or 36 months, via a consumer finance agreement provided by DEKO. You can read more details on payment plans here:, with questions answered here: FAQs (

Option 1:      
To purchase just the device and Chromebook Licence.  It will come with the standard 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.  Please note that parents will still have the opportunity to add a Protective sleeve/case and the 3-Year Extended Warranty within this Option if desired.

Option 2:      
To purchase the device and Care Package.  This includes the Device, Chromebook Licence, Insurance and an Insurance-approved case.  There is also the option to also the 3-Year Extended Warranty within this Option if desired.

Option 3:
To purchase just the Chromebook Licence.  If you intend to purchase a device outside of this Scheme (see below), you will need to select this option to purchase a Chromebook Licence in order for the device to be registered onto the school’s network.

Option 4:       
If your child is in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding and you would like to use some of this funding to assist with the cost of the Chromebook, please contact Jenny Mace on who will log your request and be in touch with you with further details.


To ensure there is enough time for orders to be made, financing to be put in place and devices delivered, the online Portal will open for one month, just before the next half term.  If you are taking advantage of one of Academia’s payment plans, payments will commence once the Portal has closed. 

The timings are as follows:

24th May 2021

Portal Opens

25th June 2021

Portal Closes

Once all orders have been placed and the Portal closed, Academia will be able to confirm a delivery date to us, which we in turn will communicate out. We anticipate this being late September/early October.  All orders will be delivered directly to school so that you do not incur any delivery costs.  This also allows us to register each device on our network before distributing to students.

Already Purchased a Chromebook:

We are very aware that parents have been preparing for this change in our IT policy, with some parents having already purchased a Chromebook or wanting to purchase their own outside of this scheme.  This does present an issue for the school as we are asking students to have a device that is safe, since it will be joining our network.  It is our duty to ensure the safeguarding of all students in and out of school and a safe, approved device will assist us in doing so.  In order for your child to use a Chromebook in school, which has been purchased outside of this scheme, you will be required to purchase a Chromebook Licence costing £33.60, inc VAT. 

Please be aware that if you are thinking of purchasing your own device, only a Chromebook would be acceptable.  A Laptop, Ipad/Tablet or other Windows device will not be permitted in school. 

The Chromebook Licence allows the device to be registered and used on our School network, however, this will require some security changes are made to the device.  This will result in a loss of data so we strongly suggest that if there are any files, photos etc. on the device which you wish to keep, these are backed up prior to your child bringing the device into school.  You will also be required to provide written permission that you are happy for the school to make any such changes to your device and that you are aware of the impact such changes will have.

Repairs/loss/damage concerns: 

We must reinforce that although our IT support team can assist with technical issues/diagnosis, you will need to contact Academia in the event of damage/fault if you have taken their Extended 3-Year Warranty or Accidental Damage Insurance.   If you have not taken either of these options with Academia, it will be your responsibility to arrange for repair or replacement.

Should a student’s device require repair or replacement, the school will be able to provide a device on loan each morning which will need to be returned at the end of each day.  The student will not be able to take this 

loaned device home. We will be able to provide this on a temporary basis only and you may be asked to provide evidence detailing the duration of repair/replacement. 

Does my child have to have a device:

There is always the question, why should I buy a device for my child?   This scheme has been a long time in the making, with Curriculum teams planning for over two years now, for students to be able to use devices in lessons.  In this modern world, teaching and learning without technology is disadvantaging our learners.  The recent lockdowns, having to switch to remote learning at a moments’ notice, has proved only too well how essential technology has become in our everyday lives.

As a school and like many other schools, we cannot provide a device for all learners at all times, therefore, this is the solution that schools nationally are adopting.  There will be a bank of devices available for students to hire if they do not have their own device (but this will be limited).  Students will be required to collect and return their hired device at the start and end of the day and they will not be permitted to take the device home. 

The aim of this Chromebook Scheme is to provide students with a device which they can use in school and at home for Extended or Remote Learning, that they take full responsibility for.  We strongly encourage all parents to support the school in providing a device for their child.

I appreciate you may have some questions or queries regarding this scheme; please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will do my very best to assist.  Thank you once more for your continued support.

David Osborne, Director of IT