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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School benefits from £2.5m Local Authority Investment

The Buckingham School is delighted to announce that the school is benefiting from £2.5m investment from Buckinghamshire Council. The Local Authority investment is for internal remodelling and refurbishment works to provide improved facilities to allow for growth of the school to continue. 

The school has become oversubscribed in recent years and the works will:

  • Install new science laboratories
  • Develop an extra dining room, in the old “Judo Hall”
  • Refit the majority of student toilets and showers to modern standards
  • Remodel large classrooms into several smaller ones (four large rooms becoming six smaller ones)

The works will give students, staff and visitors a further sense of inclusion, offer students safe, non-congested routes, enhance external appearances, be light, airy, economical and sustainable.

The building works were due to start in May 2020, however, due to the Covid-19 outbreak were delayed. The school is now able to report that Phase 1 of the project commenced with effect from Monday 24 August.  Phase 1 should be completed in November/December, with the project being completed by Easter. GSS Architecture, is the contractor appointed by Buckinghamshire Council to undertake the multi-disciplinary design team services for the alterations and modifications to the school. 

Headteacher Andy McGinnes comments, “These are exciting times for the school and the community. After the fantastic groundwork laid down by the previous Headteacher, the school is really gaining momentum now and starting to attract the interest of all. For example, our recent provision during the lockdown has attracted acclaim from across the educational sector, and we have supported other schools in setting up their distance learning provision. Our focus is to strive to become known as the best provider of a rounded education in the area. We will do so by continuing to relentlessly develop the whole child, and not just their examination results.”

Andy McGinnes adds: “Phase 1 of the works, based in the Main Building, sees remarkably little disruption to the internal workings of the school with only a handful of areas out of bounds. 

The introduction of student safety measures, such as bubbles and minimising movement around school, when students return in September, will not only ensure the welfare of our students but will also greatly assist the building project.  I have said often that the safety of the students is our top priority, and it will remain so, throughout both the Covid-19 pandemic and the building works. The continued growth of the school is vital for both the school and the community, as we strive to improve our facilities and educational provision.”

The governors have set the bar very high for the school. “Success for All, through Achievement, Challenge and Enjoyment” will secure the future prosperity of the local community, allowing all of Buckingham’s young people to access the opportunities afforded by the school’s exceptional curriculum of academic study, extra-curricular opportunity and enrichment.

Contact Information:   
Headteacher: Mr A McGinnes
Marketing Officer: Mrs C Sherwood