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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

Year 12s: Mock Exam letter dated 14 July 2020

Dear Parent / Carer and Students of Year 12

We have been pleased with how Year 12 have adapted to change throughout the year and even more so since March.

All through the year, we have impressed upon our students the need to remain on top of their studies and focus on their organisation and time management. A wealth of support has been invested into pastoral well-being and academic support, so that our students remain focused on their studies and achieving the best qualifications they can at the end of Year 13.

Throughout this half term, Year 12 have been taking part in enrichment opportunities and have begun researching and writing personal statements for University and apprenticeship applications. Over the summer break, students should continue working on their personal statements, especially if they are applying to University to study Medicine, as these application deadlines occur earlier. Students have been receiving application advice from Gloucester University and Buckingham University, however, if you have any further queries regarding applications, please email Mr Cunningham at

At the beginning of September, Year 13 students will complete mock exams that have been delayed from the Summer Term. The mock exams form a really important part to the end of Year 12; they give students the opportunity to consolidate and revise all of their learning from the year, receive feedback on areas of the course they are doing well on and gain clarity on areas of improvement they need to focus on in the lead up to the next assessments. Teachers and students learn a lot about the progress made in the first year of the course, the attitude to learning and the most effective methods of revision that work for the student. The outcomes of the mock exams are used to form the predicted grades for University, apprenticeship and employment applications. The mock exams for Year 12 are more important than in previous years.

The current Year 11 and 13 students across the country have had their mocks exams used as a very important point of reference to support teacher predictions for the grades they receive this year. At this point in time, we do not yet know if the mock exams coming up in September will be used in the same or similar way for students next summer. A few students over the years have outwardly said that they do not take their mock exams seriously. We really cannot impress upon you enough how important these mock exams are and we urge you to deter away from this attitude. This is an important opportunity to demonstrate progress you have made on your courses, receive praise and recognition for what you are doing well and have clear next steps in your learning to focus on.

Before the end of term please ensure:

  • You have submitted all work to the best of your ability on your Google Classrooms
  • You are clear about the structure and content of your mock exams in September
  • You have an effective revision plan for your mocks
  • If you are behind in any areas of your subjects, you have an action plan of how to catch up. You need to be fully caught up in all of your studies by Friday 4 September. 

We remain committed as ever, to ensuring your child achieves their potential in the Sixth Form, explores and exploits new opportunities on offer to them, explore and exploit new opportunities they make for themselves and to leave on the best career pathway available to them.

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We hope you have a lovely summer break and we look forward to seeing you all in September.

Stay safe and well.

With my very best wishes
Mrs S Pykett, Assistant Headteacher, Director of Sixth Form