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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

Teacher training day on Friday 10 July 2020 - letter dated 10 June

I am writing to inform you that there will be a teacher training day on Friday 10th July 2020. During this day, there will be no distance learning through Google Meets and the ‘Small School’ provision for key worker children will not be open.

Our staff have worked solidly since the beginning of the lockdown to ensure students continue to access an education that we would be happy for our own children to receive. We have introduced new ways of learning and have had to hone our skills using digital systems that we had planned to train staff to use over a course of months - instead they were thrown into the deep end with the lightest of training; I’m so glad they have not drowned but have thrived.

It didn’t stop there. We received a very generous donation from the Solar Farm charitable funds, spearheaded by our local councillor, Charlie Clare, to be used to enhance our distance learning. We did our research and chose the market leaders in Tassomai and GCSEPod, believing that they will enhance our curriculums, both during this time of distance learning and when students return to school. Our staff responded yet again, getting to grips with the platforms and integrating them into our current systems to be able to show students how they work to strengthen their learning.

The School has also been open since the lockdown began, not closing during school holidays. Our staff have gone and continue to go, over and above the expectations of their roles, ensuring our families are supported and key workers in our community are able to continue their vital work during this pandemic.

School, as we know it, has been turned upside down for all the community, but we - the staff, our students and their families - have reacted fantastically, displaying so many of the school virtues that we hold dear.

Friday 10th July will allow our staff time to give back to themselves. This term is often the term where we start to look towards the next academic year, thinking of how we can further improve and the tweaks we need to make to continue to develop. Staff may choose to use this time to develop their digital facilitation skills towards becoming a Google certified instructor. They may choose to read the latest academic literature to glean ideas to use in the classroom. They may choose to develop their schemes of learning to enhance the building and recall of knowledge.

Whatever they choose to do on this day, it will have a direct and positive impact on your children’s learning moving forward.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

With my best wishes,

Mr D Fox, Deputy Headteacher