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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

Headteacher Update as at 20 March 2020

Thank you so far for your understanding and support during this challenging and unnerving time. As you are aware schools across the UK will be closing from today, Friday 20th March.

Whatever else happens, whatever other schools are doing, we will deliver learning as close to normal as possible. We expect our students to engage with it, as normal. We will continue to work and support the welfare of our students, as normal. As Mr Fox puts it, “the Open University have been successfully delivering distance learning for years, it can be done!”

Lessons and resources will be available for all students via Google Classroom and access codes have been emailed home. Students have been encouraged to follow their school lesson timetable to complete the work set and to engage with their teachers and peers for additional support. Form tutors will also be in contact with their students weekly to offer additional support where needed. We expect our students to engage with the work we have provided and would be grateful for your support in ensuring they do so.

For example, Years 10 and 12 have vital studies to keep up with their respective Level 2 and Level 3 courses. They have a real opportunity to get ahead of their peers nationally, should they choose to take it. In fact, all of our students, in all year groups, also have this same opportunity. All emails to the school will be accessed and the following emails have been set up to offer our students guidance and support should they need It. These are also posted on the school website.

From next week, the school will be open to the following students only:

  • Vulnerable Students
  • EHCP Students
  • Year 7 & 8 Students, with a) Single Parent that is a Key Worker or b) Both parents are Key Workers

Unfortunately, due to our staffing numbers, we are unable to offer spaces for Key Worker families for students in Years 9-13 and would hope that these students are independent enough to self-regulate. If your child is attending school, please note that unfortunately, there is no school transport. Students will also need to bring a packed lunch and a water bottle each day; there will be a small selection of breakfast items available if needed.

I will endeavour to keep you updated with information regarding this situation as and when I receive it, however, please note that on many occasions the media and government have announced decisions prior to informing schools.

Free School Meals
he school has arranged for families in receipt of free school meals to receive vouchers. These have / will be emailed directly. Students attending school will need to use these to buy packed lunches.

Examinations – Years 11 and 13
ou will also be aware that Year 11 and Year 13 students will not be sitting their summer examinations. This is a huge decision and unfortunately, has left students feeling anxious. We have encouraged our students to engage in the work set on Google Classroom to ensure they complete their courses in full. Students need to remain focused and determined to achieve the best they can. We will also keep your contact details on a secure system until a conclusion to the examination situation has been reached and certificates or other means of awards have been notified to you and our students.

For this year only, we will also keep the student school emails live for the same period of time and would encourage students to use these to communicate with staff where necessary.

Like all schools, we cannot give any further information about how students will be certificated this year but will continue to post updates through the school website/social media and ParentMail.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all my staff for their dedication and hard work, without this, we would not be in such a positive position to support our students. Please stay safe and healthy.

Yours faithfully
Mr Andrew McGinnes, Headteacher

To download a copy of the letter, click here