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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

Uniform Letter - 18 December 2019

During the last academic year, the Student Council consulted our girls about the skirts in our Uniform and presented their findings at a Parent Forum. Subsequently, we stated that our new Year 7 students should wear one of three styles of skirt – all available from T Kings - and that all students (except Year 11) would be obliged to follow suit in January 2020.

After conversations with Governors and with various parents, we accept that the changes were not consulted upon fully enough. Because of this, parents were not able to express views that could have influenced our decision. We recognise that parents are concerned that the compulsory skirts are much more expensive than other appropriate school skirts that are available. We also worry about the sheer waste, as many of our girls have perfectly respectable skirts that we are about to prevent them from wearing. In other words, asking parents to throw away perfectly decent skirts.

The School’s requirement is now this: skirts to be worn appropriately and should be either a School-approved skirt from T Kings, or a plain black skirt no more than 8cm above or below the knee. The website will be updated in due course and the description of unacceptable skirts will remain unchanged.

We are currently putting into place new systems to ensure more consistent uniform checking, which will result in more stringent adherence to our policy. In doing so, we ask you to note the DfE’s guidelines on School Uniform; in particular, the School’s right to ask that a student returns home to change into correct uniform, should the need arise.

We do recognise that there are occasional issues faced by our students with their uniform. For example, an item may be lost. In these cases, parental contact is required, either via email, phone call or a note in the student’s planner. We expect the student to be correctly dressed the following day. Meanwhile, please note that on such days, we can often loan student’s items of uniform. As ever, thank you for your continued support. If we wish to consider changes to our Uniform Policy in the future, we will ensure that the broader School community is widely consulted.

A copy of the letter can be found under Parents section of the website.