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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

Student Voice

Student Voice and leadership opportunities are a particular strength of the school. Students of all ages take on positions of responsibility and there is a real sense of ownership amongst the student body. 

Particular strengths include:-

  •  A strong student council which has purpose and identity within the school
  • An annual student voice conference for all groups of student leaders to work in collaboration on school improvement
  •  We are the lead school in the annual inter-school student voice conference (developed within the Leading Edge Partnership)
  • Student leadership programmes within the school and the community are very well established through sports and other subject areas
  • The development of a student leadership team to communicate across all leaders and to link directly into the Senior Leadership Team
  • The innovative use of ex-students to join the staff and work as student voice co-ordinators. 

Student Voice in the school is a key factor in allowing students to make informed decisions. Every student should be able to have their say.

Student Voice in the school is a key factor in allowing the students to make the decisions. Every student should be able to have their say and for it not to be ignored. We have several student led projects to deal with the issues that affect the students themselves. Here are a number of active groups:- 

Student Council:- Student Council is made up of elected representatives of each year group and run by a Chair person from Year 11. Students in the council try and work as independently as possible, only calling on assistance from staff when help is needed to get ideas pushed through to the right areas.

Year Council:- Representatives from each tutor group join together to form this council. It is here that ideas from the Year groups can be discussed and put forward to the whole school council. Again, all members are elected and therefore are representing the Year Groups views.

Student Interviewers:- When new members of staff are being appointed, students have a say in this process. A group of student interviewers have been trained and are involved in the recruitment process. As a group, they form an interview panel to be called upon when a new member of staff applies for any teaching or non-teaching position in school.

Learning Impact Team:- A group of nominated students are responsible for ensuring that Student Voice takes place across all lessons. The role of the Learning Impact Team member is to encourage student interaction in class and to ensure that Student Voice within The Buckingham School continues to be a centre for excellence.  .

Anti-Bullying:- The Buckingham School has Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, who promote individuality, tolerance and understanding of everyone’s differences.  See Anti-Bullying section of the website for further details on the school's zero tolerance on bullying.