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Life After Levels FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the new system come into play?

Year 9 and 10 students (September 2015/16) are already being taught on the new GCSE of English and Maths 9-1. We are piloting 9-1 use to all year groups Year 10 and below to improve their knowledge of this. From next year (September 2016) all grades will be in 9-1 apart from any existing GCSEs for Year 10 and 11 that are on the old A*-G specifications.

 What does ‘Whole School Equivalent’ mean?

This is the grade that an assessment level is equal to on the new scale. This will help you checking the value of a grade on the new system. For example Year 6 students leaving KS2 in 2016 may receive 100 for their test score. This is equal to 4b on old national curriculum levels.

Will I be contacted if my child is not making adequate progress?

Our pastoral teams, led by the Head of Year, are making an enhanced focus on the academic achievement of your child. Head of Years will analyse each School Data collection and contact the key students who are not making adequate progress across many subjects. If a student is not making progress in just one area of study then this communication will come from the department area. You must also take into account the students starting point in the subject area. For example; if a student in Year 8 is new to French, we will not expect them to be attaining to the same level as Maths or English.

How can I find out some more information regarding the new assessment system?

Information evenings have been offered as part of the ‘achievement evenings’ at the start of the 2015/16 year. A whole school letter followed by the Parent Forum on 23rd February also covered this area in greater depth. There will be other additional evenings offered in the Summer term for information and questions regarding this subject. Letters and texts will go out to market this to parents closer to the time. In the meantime please free to contact Mr Roberts at should you have any queries.