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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

Learning Resource Centre Code of Conduct

The Buckingham School Learning Resource Centre Code of Conduct is based on a simple procedure:

All members of the school community have the right to be treated with respect and to work in a clean, calm environment.

Students will:

  • Show respect for others by working sensibly in the Learning Resource Centre and not disrupt the learning of others.
  • Show respect and consideration for others by moving around the Learning Resource Centre quietly and carefully.
  • Show respect for others by treating the books, equipment and furniture in the Learning Resource Centre carefully, as they are resources to be used by everyone.
  • Show respect for all members of the Learning Resource Centre.
  • Not eat or drink in the Learning Resource Centre because of the possible damage that could be caused to the stock.

Learning Resource Centre Rules:

To be a responsible member of the school community by following these simple rules:

  • No chewing gum/food or drink (other than plain water at any time).
  • Inappropriate language or behaviour is not acceptable and any occurrences will be registered on the school’s behaviour database and you will be asked to leave immediately. Continual disruptions will result in a temporary or permanent ban and parents/carers will be notified.
  • Be considerate to others working around you, keep the noise levels down.
  • If you move chairs around, please be kind enough to move them back once you have finished.
  • After viewing books, please return them to the right place on the bookshelf.
  • Computer use is purely for school work, NO GAME PLAYING PERMITTED. If caught, it be noted and continuous abuse may result in internet restrictions being applied.
  • When borrowing resources, they must be returned by the stipulated time (stamped in/on the resources) and any late returns or lost resources must be paid for.
  • In the event of overdue loans, no further borrowing will be permitted until this situation is resolved.
  • Only mobile devices provided by the LRC may be used. No other mobile devices are permitted.