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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

Kooth - Online mental wellbeing community

At young people can access pre-moderated forums and articles to find information and gain support, or message an online team of qualified counsellors. 

In light of the new restrictions that have just been introduced I would like to remind you that is available in your area for young people aged 11 - 18 for free, safe and anonymous wellbeing support and advice, accessible from any internet-enabled device. 

Please note the upcoming Live Forums on Kooth for young people to access during January are as follows:

Wednesday 6 January – New Year, New Opportunities... To Build and Develop Resilience

Welcome to 2021! After one of the most difficult years many of us have ever experienced, it’s time to turn towards the future and look at how we can look at the new year as a chance for new opportunities. We’ll be focusing on what we have learnt in the last 12 months and how we can build on this shared knowledge to help develop our resilience.

Friday 15 January – ADHD & Me: Symptoms, Emotions and Coping Skills

Tonight we want to talk about ADHD, from what the symptoms are, how it can make you feel, as well as ideas for coping. So, if you are living with ADHD, know someone with it, or would just like to know more about ADHD then please come along to join us tonight!

Monday 18 January – Supporting a Friend After a Crime

It can be really difficult to hear a friend has experienced crime. Whether they were a victim or a perpetrator sometimes it can be hard to know what to say or do to support our friend whilst also keeping ourselves safe. So tonight, as part of our VOC project, we’re going to hopefully share some lovely ideas to work together to see what support after a crime could look like.

Friday 29 January – Learning to Be and Showing Your True Self

What is your true self? How do you know what it is? And, how do you show it? In this live forum those are some of the questions we’re hoping to answer! We’re going to be sharing ideas, tips and experiences with one another, and will also be talking about what to do if it’s not safe for you to be your true self. So we really do hope you’ll be able to come join us!

Live forums can be found in the discussion boards and go online at 7.30pm on the evening they are planned. They are moderated in real time until 9.00pm.

Upcoming Kooth content for January includes -

  • Various topics focusing on Male Mental Health
  • Wellbeing quiz
  • Relationship communication styles
  • Sport and wellbeing
  • How to: stay hopeful
  • Kooth reviews – Fantastic Beasts
  • Global/eco anxiety

The creative power of storytelling (for national storytelling week 30 Jan – 6 Feb)

Below are the links to the Social Media campaign #PositiveFutures

Here is a booklet produced by Kooth with tips and advice for students returning to school after lockdown. click here.