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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

Full Staff Listing


 School Staff Ext No Email address Job Title/Responsibility
Ruhuka Adewumi 262 Assistant Curriculum Leader, English
Mr Roland Agyemang 284 Teacher Maths
Mrs Kate Akerman 262 Lesson Cover Supervisor / Instructor English
Mrs Alison Allen 222 PA to Headteacher
Miss Sally Barnes 249 First Aid Officer / ASDAN /DSL / Inclusion Manager
Ms Janneke Barten 262 Teacher English / Head of House, Whittlebury
Mrs Jenny Bates 281   Exams Invigilator
Mrs Anita Baxter 271 Assistant Headteacher - Pastoral
Mrs Lyn Bell 281   Exams Invigilator
Mrs Kate Bones 267 Admissions Officer
Mr Geoffrey Bottle 281   Exams Invigilator
Ms Julie Branch 248 SEND / Learning Support Manager
Miss Rebecca Branson 246 Curriculum Leader, Science / Assistant Headteacher, Data
Mrs Clare Brearley 238 SIMs & Cover Manager
Mrs Angela Bristow 287 Teacher Business Studies
Mrs Debby Browning 248 Teaching Assistant
Miss Rachel Buck                 243 Subject Leader History
Mrs Jenny Bunyan 247 Science Technician
Mrs Hannah Burton 236 PE Teacher Supply
Mrs Rachel Caesar 226 Teacher of MFL/SLE/NQT Co-ordinator
Miss Laura Chapman 262 Curriculum Leader, English
Miss Clare Checkley 249 Teacher Drama / Assistant Head of Year 9
Mr Leigh Churchward           236 Curriculum Leader, Physical Education 
Mr Ed Cockerill 235 Technology Technician
Miss Caroline Collie  286 Teacher PE / Head of Year 7 / SGO
Dr Sue Coomber 231 Teacher Science
Mrs Beverley Crook  272   Consultant  School Counsellor
Mrs Vicki Cowley 236 Assistant Curriculum Leader, PE / DoE Co-ordinator
Mr Derek Crofts 225 Site Team Supervisor
Mr Phil Cunningham           269 Teacher / Co-ordinator  WRL / Vocational
Ms Rachel Curness 209 Curriculum Leader, Performing Arts
Mr David Dale 281   Exams Invigilator
Mrs Helen Davis-Thickbroom 284 Teacher Maths / Assistant Head of Year 11
Mrs Anne Dornan 247 Science Technician
Mrs Janine Dowdall 262 Teacher English
Mrs Janine Elmrabti 262 / 239 Catch-Up Teacher Pupil Premium
Mr Matthew Essex 277 IT Technician
Miss Rebecca Fawkes 248 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Louise Field 262 Teacher English 
Mrs Mandy Forbes 248 Teacher Maths 
Mr Dan Fox 246 Deputy Headteacher, Teaching & Learning
Mrs S France 235 Art & Technology Technician
Mrs Carole Fraser 235 Curriculum Leader, Art & Design
Ms Victoria Fullwood 243 Teacher Humanities
Mrs Betty Gadbury 281   Exams Invigilator
Mrs Sally Gallagher 229 School Business Manager
Mrs Carol Gibson-Smith         255 / 263 Curriculum Leader,Technology / HOY12/13
Mrs Nicola Gill 237   Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Linda Golding 237 Canteen Manager
Mrs Jo Goodger 224 Student Attendance & Welfare Director /  DSL / Assistant Head of Year 7
Miss Catherine Graham 243 Curriculum Leader, Humanities
Mrs Sarah Grant 281   Exams Invigilator
Miss Kathryn Hare 242 Teacher MFL Spanish / HOH Silverstone
Mrs Rebecca Harfield 237   Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Sarah Hatton 242 Head of French
Mrs Cristina Hernandez 242 Head of Spanish
Miss Christina Higgs 236   SCITT PE
Mrs Claire Hodges 231 Assistant Curriculum Leader, Science
Mrs Sam Jasper 248 Teaching Assistant
Tishonna Jodah 248 Lesson Cover Supervisor
Mr James Kabia 284 Teacher Maths
Miss Vikki Keeping 236 Cover Curriculum Leader, PE / Head of Year 10
Mrs Sue Kitt 248 Teaching Assistant
Mr Callum Lagdon 236 Teacher PE / SSCO
Mrs Amber Latimer 237   Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Karen Lefevre              217 Lead Practitioner English
Mrs Melissa Le Tissier 248 Teaching Assistant
Ms Tracy Lewis 262 Teacher English
Mr Jonathan Mandel 239 PSHE / Student Voice Co-ordinator
Mr Mark McElroy 261 Teacher Humanities / Head of Year 8 
Mr Andrew McGinnes 222 Headteacher
Mrs Esther McKnight 262 Teacher English
Mr Stuart Middleton 235 Instructor Technology
Mr Andy Minns  249 Teacher PE / Head of Year 9 / STEP / Head of Student Support Unit 
Mr Callum Mortimer 244 Apprentice - Repro, Business Admin & Social Media
Mr John Nardini 277 Senior IT Technician
Charlotte Nash 209 Teacher Music 
Mrs Gail Newall 258 Finance Officer
Miss Jessica Norte 248 Apprentice - SEN
Mr Patrick O'Malley 243 Teacher Maths
Mrs Angela O'Sullivan           263 Subject Leader Health & Social Care
Mr David Osborne 287 Assistant Headteacher / Director of IT
Mr Deen Patel                287 / 263 Curriculum Leader, Business Studies 
Mrs Celia Piosek 255 Food & Textile Technician
Mrs Suzy Pykett 263 Assistant Headteacher & Director of Sixth Form
Mr Jack Ribbans 236 Teacher PE / AHOY 10 / Head of House Chandos / Assistant Curriculum Leader, PE (Maternity)
Miss Vicky Richardson 235 Teacher Art & Technology
Ms Susanna Rodrigues  231 Assistant Curriculum Leader, Science
Mr Joe Ryan 250 Key Groups Leader
Mrs Amal Sarhan 248 Higher Level Teaching Assistant 
Ms Sam Saunders 284 Teacher Maths
Mrs Wendy Saving 281   Exams Invigilator
Mr Ayaz (Sayed) Shah 231 Teacher Science
Mrs Rehela Sheikh 281   Exams Invigilator
Rev Carina Shergold 281   Exams Invigilator
Mrs Claire Sherwood 273 Marketing Officer
Mrs Alex Simmons 269 Curriculum Leader, Psychology / Professional Tutor for SCITTs & NQTs
Mr Michael Siu 284 Curriculum Leader, Maths / Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mr Peter Slack 235 Teacher - Art
Miss Jessica Smith 231 Teacher Science
Mr Steve Smith 281   Exams Invigilator
Miss Erika Spekkens 231 Teacher Science / Head of Year 11
Mrs Christy Stewart 241 Curriculum Leasder, Humanities (on Maternity)
Miss Jasmine Swain 239 Learning Resource Centre Administrator
Mrs Jean Thompson 281   Exams Invigilator
Mr Ronald Thompson 281   Exams Invigilator
Miss Lacey Townes 287 Teacher Computer Science / STEM Co-ordinator
Miss Danielle Vaill 236 Teacher PE / Head of House Claydon
Mr Ben Waine 284 Assistant Curriculum Leader, Maths
Mrs Abigail Wallace 272 Lesson Cover Supervisor / Assistant Head of Year 8 / Head of House Swan / Student Voice
Mr Matt Wardle 251 Lead Deputy Headteacher 
Ms Emily Watkins-Brady 248 Teaching Assistant
Mr Andy Wattam 225 Assistant Site Team Supervisor
Mrs Clare Wattam 281 Examinations & Data Officer
Mr Mark Wattam 225 Site Team Assistant
Miss Emma Wheatley 262   SCITT English
Ms Julie Wedley 237   Kitchen Assistant
Mr Stephen Waymark 236 Teacher PE
Mrs Pat Wheeler 248 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Margie Whitbread 232 Attendance Manager
Mrs Jackie Wilkinson 243 Teacher Humanities
Ms Zari Wilmot 257 / 200 Office Manager
Mr James Wise 231 Teacher Science / Head of House Stowe
Mrs Joyce Yabsley 248 Senior Higher Level Teaching Assistant 
Ms Liz Yates 247 Science Technician
Mrs Caroline Young 281   Exams Invigilator
Mr Maurice Young 225 Site Team Assistant
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Connexions Office 250    
Student Voice 272