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The Buckingham School

The Buckingham School

Bucks Council School Transport service

New Year 7 Eligible Pupils

On 19 May Buckinghamshire Council sent letters to all parents of new mainstream Year 7 pupils who are eligible for free school transport, asking them to confirm that they require their place. They need to do this by 10 June. Please note that parents do not have to supply photographs for 2021/22 bus passes.

Click here to download a leaflet - mainstream eligible children starting Year 7 in September

Link to further information on who is eligible for free school transport

By law, the Council must provide school bus services for those pupils who are eligible for free transport. The Council runs school buses where required for children who qualify. On some routes there may be a limited number of spare seats that are not needed for eligible children. We offer these seats to parents who wish to pay for a place for their child through the Spare Seat Scheme. Starting with places for the autumn term 2021, the Spare Seat Scheme is changing. New seats that become available will now be advertised each term, rather than through an ongoing waiting list. This means there will be more regular opportunities for parents to purchase spare seats if they are available.

Here is a link for further information regarding the Spare Seat Scheme:-

A Buckinghamshire Council letter regarding Spare Seat Scheme can be found here.  Click here.